”From confusion to certainty”

A series of photographies about presence, wonder and identity, and the idea of ​​being both and/or neither. Two young women reoccurs in all the photographs, they dress their identities through folk costumes, uniforms, etc. The identity is never singular – but composed of elements that point in different directions. There is a division between being this or that: The division between nationalities, between girl and woman, between norm and abnormality. The attire becomes a costume loaded with signs of who they are. The women try to put on clothes and with that their identity.

A project that has been developed an expanded since 2011. It constantly changes and evolves, depending on the surroundings it is exhibited in.

Gammelgaard, Herlev

TID, Lys over Lolland, Saxkjøbing

Kunsthallen, Viborg

Silkeborg Bad, Silkeborg